DC-BASS Source update January 29, 2008
The DC-BASS Source filter has been updated. The new version includes some bugfixes, can setup the prebuffering size of Shoutcast streams and is able to save Shoutcast streams splitted based on the metatag of the stream.

New audio decoder filter February 13, 2007
A new audio filter is available on the page called DC-Bass Source. This filter replaces all the other filters and supports much more formats, including Shoutcast streams.

Forums are back January 29, 2007
The forums are now online again. The change from the commercial Invision board to the opensource phpBB is done and everything seems to be working as before but i was unable to convert all the attachments.

170 spam bots (yes 170!!) has been deleted.

Apple ALAC goes WMP January 8, 2007
Finally I found the time to update the news ;) As it seems there are quite a few people out there using Apples Lossless Audio Codec ALAC to backup their music collections. Unfortunatly there is no solution to playback these Files within Windows Media Player ... until now ;)

John Lockwood informed me about a BASS module by MaresWEB which is capable of decoding ALAC. So, i have taken the already existing MP3 Source filter and added the ALAC and AAC modules to it and here it is, an MP3, AAC and ALAC DirectShow filter.

For best results you should to install the WMP Tag Support Extender which is capable of reading m4a and other tags.

There is also a nice discussion about ALAC within WMP at Hydrogenaudio.

DC-DVB sourcecode July 23, 2006
As promised (a long time ago) the sourcecode of the DVB filter is now released under the terms of the GNU GPL. This is the current CVS snapshot including the additional H264 code (as discussed in the forum).

Last words for this year December 30, 2005
I am sorry for not being here that often in the last weeks. I am currently moving to another town and I just got my phone and internet access today. Also I am no longer my own boss. I have joined TerraTec Electronic as a software engineer at the beginning of this month and now i am working on their DVB software called Terratec Home Cinema.

Anyway, this year has been very exciting for me and DSP-worx and i would like to thank everyone who was and still is supporting DSP-worx and free software. Especially Nick[D]vB for running all the DSM-CC and DVB subtitling tests. Thaddy de Koning for his wonderfull Job on porting the DSP components to KOL and Jason Huang for his improvements on the DSP compression algorithm.

Next year DSP-worx is going to change a bit. DSP-worx and Data-worx are going to join NIX-worx . A friend of mine, Rene Kuss, a professionell .NET developer, is going to work on Data-worx and will be publishing some superb C# capture and analyze applications. Stay tuned for more ...

Since my time is going to be very limited next year and the DVB source filter is been used by a lot of people, I would like to publish (again) the sourcecode and with the help of other developers this tiny little filter can get even better. If anyone is interested in joining this project, drop me a line. I am open for all suggestions ...

PS: I have read a few postings about only 1/4 of the video is being displayed and so far I can only say that this seems like a bug in the graphics driver. On a test machine with an nVidia GForce4 I was able to get it working just by updating the drivers.

PPS: A happy new year everyone and we will be reading us next year ;)

DVB filter update November 27, 2005
A new build of the DVB filter is available. This is mostly a bugfix update for the BDA and Twinhan WDM tuning plugins but it also contains some new features like manual aspect ratio changes when using ffdshow as video decoder, teletext navigation using mouse clicks on the video window, EPG export to an XML file and last but not least an MHP addon (which is a seperate download).

Some words about MHP. In order to get it working you have to follow the instructions in the "Readme.txt" from the MHPAddon. I am aware that not every XLet is working right now. The MHPAddon uses the MHP implementation from OpenMHP and even though it is currently the best library around, it is incomplete. If you know Java and you are interested in MHP, grab the MHP Doc and contribute to the OpenMHP project.

Some last words to the MHP guys. If you want to succeed with MHP you have to publish more than one lousy document. MHP (and DSMCC!) is spread over so many documents. It's a pain if you want to have your application supporting it. I have spent more than 6 months in just writing a working DSMCC parser and i am not going to write one more line of code for this crap! It's just not worth it! The same goes to you MHEG guys. There is not even a single free MHEG document available.

Back online November 12, 2005
Finally, DSP-worx is back online. Unfortunatly the server died on monday and it took ages to get a working replacement machine. I have uploaded the last backup from two weeks ago, so some forum posts are lost but everything else should be running again.

DVB filter v0.1.5 released October 02, 2005
Just finished the new version which includes an additional "TV Info" plugin for WMP10, a new remote window, trayicon and a plugin API for tuning and TS processing plugins. For more informations on what has been changed take a look into Changes.txt

As mentioned above, tuning is now done through plugins. That means that every device can be supported, not only BDA devices. There is currently just a plugin for BDA and Twinhan WDM devices available, but that might change in the future.

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